Ty Stockton—9 hours ago
Happy Halloween, Wyoming. The ghosties and ghoulies’ll be out in force tonight. If any of those goblins belong to you, chances are you’ll be on duty. Read More→
Ty Stockton—Yesterday
If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you’re probably going to have a need for a first aid kit sooner or later. Read More→
Keith Kelley—2 days ago
Wyoming freshman running back Brian Hill gets his shot at being the number one back..... Read More→
Ty Stockton—2 days ago
There isn’t much worse than a backpack that doesn’t fit right. Or hiking boots that give you blisters. Or maybe a rainsuit that doesn’t keep the rain out. But you don’t have to get saddled with ill-fiting gear. Read More→
Ty Stockton—3 days ago
I had to go to town the other day to pick up some materials for my Honey Do list. While I was there, I overheard some kids complaining that there was nothing to do in Cheyenne. I was flabbergasted. Read More→
Ty Stockton—4 days ago
No matter how good or bad it was, every waterfowler will always remember his or her first goose. There’s something about bringing down a big ol’ honker for the first time that just sticks with you. Read More→
Ty Stockton—10/24/2014
The best part of hunting is probably the memories it makes. But great memories don’t come from flawless hunts. You have to have some good old fashioned calamities to make a hunt worth remembering. Read More→
Ty Stockton—10/23/2014
I haven’t gone hunting since I got my new used truck. It’s not because I haven’t had time, even though I’ve had very little of that. What really keeps me home is my fear that the new used truck’s going to hurt me. Read More→
Ty Stockton—10/22/2014
You estimate range when you bowhunt for elk. You estimate range when you put your rifle’s crosshairs on a deer. But do you estimate range when you hunt geese? It’s easier than you might think it is. Read More→
Ty Stockton—10/21/2014
Everybody has something to fear. Some are afraid of snakes. Some dread an IRS audit. Others are petrified that cockroaches will eat off their eyelashes in their sleep. I'm just afraid of losing my contact lenses. Read More→
Ty Stockton—10/20/2014
Hunters and anglers have been the people who pay for conservation for generations. The vast majority of the dollars spent on wildlife and habitat come from license fees and taxes on hunting and fishing gear. But we can still do more. Read More→
Ty Stockton—10/17/2014
It’s that time of year again when I start flipping through the outdoor gear catalogs, wishing I had a zillion dollars to spend. Read More→
Ty Stockton—10/16/2014
A lot of Wyoming deer hunters have already been to the mountains and returned with meat for the freezer. But the deer season’s far from over. Read More→
Ty Stockton—10/15/2014
Nearly everything’s open. You can hunt just about every game animal somewhere in the state right now. The notable exception is pheasants, but still, no hunter in Wyoming should be bored. Read More→
Ty Stockton—10/14/2014
Mule deer hunting’s just about perfect. It’s not too physically demanding, but it’s no walk in the park, either. It’s even better when you get one. Read More→
Ty Stockton—10/13/2014
Happy Columbus Day to you. I hope you’re one of the lucky ones who get today off. If so, get outside and do some hunting today. After this break, I’ll tell you why some of us don’t get to spend today in the field. Read More→
Ty Stockton—10/10/2014
I don’t sleep well. I was about to take the plunge and try a fancy, expensive bed, but then an ad for that bed ticked me off so badly that I’ve decided to toss and turn rather than give that company any of my money. Read More→